Music & Dance trio performance


Irina-Kalina Goudeva – voice, double bass, acting, dancing, composition
George Vassilev – guitars, composition
Christophe Fellay – drums, electronics, composition
Ejnar Kanding – live electronics, composition, video

The performance incorporates contemporary acoustic and electro – acoustic music for double bass, voice, percussion and guitars, with visual effects, choreography and theatrical aspects.

The title “Vodosvet” means the blessing of water and the purification with it.

Water as an element in the show is symbolizing the source of life energy, love, purity, power and light.

The flow of healing sounds, harmonies and the spectrality of it, expresses the creation of a new beginning, a rebirth of a harmonious and peaceful world.

The desire to create this holistic work was born from the idea that things are related, so, the aim is to unite the various expressive means of art to a new range of musical and artistic expression.

The result is a synthesis of the artists search for accomplishing sought- alchemy of sounds, an amazing concentration of the Balcan, West European and Scandinavian cultural traditions. A dive into a dizzying world oscillating between dream and initiation.


Julia Tsenova Menada“, for voice and double bass
Dusan Bogdanovic Vranjanka“, for trio
Emil Tabakov Motivi“, for voice, double bass, guitar and electronics
Christophe Fellay / Ejnar Kanding Passage 2“, for drums and electronics
Ejnar Kanding Voda“, for trio with electronics
Dusan Bogdanovic Balkan Miniatures“, for guitar
Improvisation for trio with electronics Nadpjavane
Atanas Boyadjiev, Bogomil Goudev Ludo Mlado“, for trio
Kim Helweg Interlude 2”, for voice, drums and electronics
Ejnar Kanding Arild“, for trio and electronics